Taylor and Sheldon’s New Orleans Museum of Fine Art Engagement Session

This session really speaks to those couples who know who they are and work hard to have their character infused in all of the events leading to their wedding. We were influenced by the Museum of Fine Art in New Orleans, La because of its refined architectural design as well as how it is uniquely placed within the community.

The museum represents their modern, sophisticated style and they found it as a great place to take their engagements. The Peristyle Collonade area is located right in the center of City Park

They decided to hire us as their photographers and videographers because they recognized that we have an eye for architectural details and light and shadows. With a degree in architecture and 8 years working in the field prior to going full-time as a New Orleans wedding photographer, I can’t help but see the beauty and how the spaces were purposefully designed in a way to give off a certain feeling or emotion. The columns created a repetitiveness that was perfect for leading lines to the couple and cast interesting shadows that draw the viewers in, the high exterior ceilings really creates a majestic feel and pulls the viewer’s eye to them. We love shooting against a natural backdrop and neutral colors. We discussed wardrobe prior to the session and we know this backdrop would really allow them to be the stars of their session and for all the attention and eyes to be on them. They are the “art” highlighted in this session.

I really feel like the spaces and how they were photographed really grounded them in the space they occupied and allowed them to interact with space and still be seen as equals in the beauty of the architecture surrounding them.