Why you should say yes to a micro wedding

September 30, 2022

Yes, I love a mega wedding and all it offers, but I want to touch on micro weddings so you can see how beneficial they are. One thing these past few years have taught us was that you have options when it comes to your wedding. Dropping tradition won't ruin your day, and you can have fun and stress less on your actual wedding day. You can get married with as many or as few guests at your wedding and still have an amazing experience in planning and executing your wedding day. There are so many issues that are associated with planning a large wedding. With a micro wedding, you can avoid much of that and have a smooth journey to marriage.

  1. You can have more options

Let's talk options. When you host a smaller guest count, you can have more options in locations and venues. With larger weddings, There are only a handful of locations that accommodate you and your guest. Renting out a small boutique restaurant to host your guest is more likely to happen with a smaller guest list. Let's think location, do you like to hike or maybe you love this high-end hotel or want to get married at a major landmark, these options are more likely when you have a smaller guest count. You can even plan a trip to Italy and treat your guest to a gondola ride along the Grand Canal. So many options!

Your guests will not expect all the traditional parts of a wedding when it's smaller. You can do without the traditional elements such as cutting the cake, or maybe can you care less about a bouquet or garter toss; you can choose how you want to spend your time. Spending your entire reception partying with your friends and family may be your main priority, and that's ok. Spend your time on the things you enjoy.

  • Go big on guest experience while taking in all the moments.

You can spoil your guests; want steak, caviar, a private chef, and a five-course meal? Why not. Having a micro wedding is all about using your budget to create an amazing day with those closest to you. While yes, the couple will be celebrated all day, you can go all out for your guests. How about a custom beignet bar, if you're in New Orleans or decor that wows anyone that walks into your space, or working with your favorite vendor's list. When Jamal and I got married, I didn't know many people there. Our main priority was budgeting around the cost of food. Imagine budgeting for 25 people instead of 200.

  • Authentic Emotions

If you know me, then you know I love to wait for the real moments to unfold on your wedding day. With many years of experience, it can be difficult for the couple to slow down and connect, first with the meaning of what this day means and, secondly, connecting to the people around them. We have photographed weddings where guests have flown in from around the world just to be with the couple on this special day. You can also just focus on being yourself and not feel pressured or out of your element in front of 200 pairs of eyes.

I hope this blog was insightful. There are many ways to level up your wedding day experience while hosting a smaller amount of guests. There is no right or wrong way to have a wedding you can go as big as you like or as small as you like. Stay true to who you are and what you want.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for advice or a photographer, let's connect!