Longue Vue House and Gardens Family Portrait Session

September 29, 2022

New Orleans Outdoor Family Session

Lounge Vue House and Gardens

When I met with the Caraballo family, I knew we would have a great session. What I love about their story is that they make it a point to take professional family portraits in every new city they visit. They were in New Orleans for a wedding the next day. They traveled from Cleaveland, Ohio, so I knew this was an important session for them. Even though we were from different places geographically, we had a lot in common! I am so glad they found me and trusted me to uphold their tradition. They were professionals at taking family sessions. Here is why keep reading…

They booked Longue Vue Gardens for more time than the actual section and made accommodations so they could have somewhere to rest and cool off in case the kiddos needed a break.

They came with plenty of snacks! Sometimes “Cheeze Its” and a cool sip of water are all you need to help keep the kiddos happy.

They also let their kids be kids. We were surprised when the sprinklers came on. I was thinking, “Please run through the sprinklers and be ok with it,” and just as I thought it, it happened. They were completely ok with this welcomed surprise. Be spontaneous for your family session.

I would love to help you with your next family session. Let’s talk about it.