Your dedicated Fine Art Wedding Photographer! Documenting your day honestly and with special care is our specialty.






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As your dedicated wedding photographer, I cherish my role in thoughtfully preserving your unique love story. We create an atmosphere that truly honors the importance of your special day. You are our top priority. We hold your desires close to heart, knowing that these experiences form the very essence of your wedding dreams. My husband and I work hand in hand to provide amazing portraits of your wedding day!

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Wife, mother, artist, inspired by fashion, light, shadows, emotions and feelings. 

Our clients invest in their weddings because they recognize their importance, and our mission is to provide a serene environment for you throughout the day. How do we achieve this? By remaining fully present, attentively listening, and taking proactive measures on your behalf, regardless of the setting. Whether it's an intimate wedding in the heart of the French Quarter, a romantic elopement on the streets of Paris, or a grand celebration of love on the mesmerizing Hawaiian beaches, as a New Orleans Fine Art Wedding Photographer, we ensure that your extraordinary love story takes center stage.

I work alongside my husband Jamal as my dedicated and first choice as my second photographer. If he isn't working a wedding as my second photographer may have hired  Story Motion as your Videography team. He and his business partner Chris work seamlessly together to great amazing wedding day films! 

After 8 years in the architecture industry and 5 years of architectural education under by belt, I am always inspired by my surroundings and the spaces around me. Once I began working as a full-time photographer there was a space to create something beautiful from behind my lens. That small flame that was dwindling while at my former desk job soon turned into an inferno and I channeled all that into photography as I pursued this career full-time. My journey was not wasted. I am so grateful for my education and the things that I learned. It has greatly influenced how I see the world.

We never underestimate the importance of your wedding day and the time and investment that goes into creating a magical day and hundreds of unforgettable moments. I'd be more than honored to capture each and every one of them.

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